Saturday, June 09, 2012

I am a super hero!

I was on a walk today and I saw this about a block from the nearest H.E.B. 

The incline you see is pretty steep, but I managed to pull the cart out without getting icky wet.

Seems weird to just leave it there. Seems weirder that NO ONE else rescued it. Meh.

I walked it back to the store and handed it off to an employee with a description of what happened. He sounded sooooo thrilled to get it back. *Cough*

Anyway. Just a comment that when people decided to neglect common responsibility, we end up with carts in ditches. (or economies... )

A good citizen, a responsible one, I would hope would stop and take the time to pull the cart out of the icky ditch and return it to the store for restoration.

Also, from now on I shall be known as


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