Sunday, March 11, 2012

First day/night

Had a good trip, most of it in the rain. The rain has followed us, and we woke up in Joplin Missouri to find it has caught up to us. Time change has us leaving at around 9:30. Running a wee bit late. But slept very well, which is good, cause I slept very poorly the night before.

No photos or video yet. no time to upload them. Hope to do it tonight.


Friday, March 09, 2012

The Great Trip North.

Okay, time to fess up.

I missed last week, and I'm sorry, no excuses.

An explanation though, and maybe a chance to make it up to you.

Due to some family stuff, my mother and I are going to be driving up to Maine. ROAD TRIP! Weeeee!
So I have been a wee bit stressed about it, and trying to get things in order has been pulling me away from the blog.

That said, I intend to blog the trip up and back, and even post some video.  FUN!

To help, I have some handy maps.

There are two routes we might take. The first one is more southern,

View Larger Map

The second heads north sooner, to avoid some on the wet weather the south is having right now.

View Larger Map

I can't go into much more detail now, maybe tonight. But your prayers for safety and levelheadedness (did I just create a word?) would be much appreciated.

Thanks.... and more to come.


Update, New edits to the route.

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